Staff Positions include:


Article writers for issues please see SUBMIT.

We also have blog writers!!!


 Love learning about science and helping others grow? Do you have great grammar skills?


Can you put words in pictures? Preference for digital artists (new to you? great way to learn!)


Do you love composition? Looking for Adobe InDesign skills (another great skill to gain!)

If you have one of these skills and would like to help our this issue, read through the description thoroughly and apply!

Current Issue: Issue 12.3

Staff Application Deadline: October 20th, 2020

Staff Application (coming soon)

In order to publish issues of JOURNYS, we coordinate contributions from high school students from around the world for each issue. As part of the JOURNYS issue staff, you'll become part of a community of dedicated high school students interested in using both the sciences and the humanities to create a publication that is accessible to any high school student in the world.


Members of our staff collaborate with student writers, editors, artists, and designers to create well-written articles with appealing designs. Each staff member will work closely with one of our managers during our publication cycle. Please note that these positions are on an issue-by-issue basis, so you will have to reapply for each issue.

JOURNYS LEadership

To organize and lead JOURNYS, we have leadership positions that do not change per issue. We initiate issues, recruit staff members, communicate with sponsors, and run JOURNYS!

Coordination Team

Our president and coordination team organize Outreach, Staff Recruitment, web design, collaborations, and sponsorships.



Vice Presidents


Kevin Song

Gwennie Liu,

Jade Nam

Riya Irigireddy, Ashvin Kumar,

Erica Wang, Ben Hong

Person Writing
Editing Team

The editing team coordinates the editing process of each publication cycle, including article selection, staff editing, and SRB editing.



Assistant EICs

Copy Editor

Jessie Gan

Jenny Han, Jason Cui

Grace Zhou

Digital Mind
Graphics Team

The graphics team recruits talented high-school level artists to make accompanying art to our articles. They also draw the issue covers.


Graphics Manager

Assistant Manager

Amy Ge

Julia Liu

Image by Halacious
Design Team

The design team puts all the polished article text and beautiful graphics together in an issue.


Design Manager

Kevin Song

If you are interested in applying for a leadership position, please email around mid-April for the annual application. We will also inform those on the mailing list what positions are open for the new year.