We are a group of passionate young scientists, mathematicians, and engineers, and we believe that, together, we can change the world by revolutionizing STEM education.

It all started four years ago. A dozen of us and an inspiring science teacher looked around and saw that mainstream science publications only covered two extremities of the audience spectrum. There were science journals for professional researchers and science magazines for younger children, but very few were targeted towards young adults. We didn't just want a publication for teens, however. We wanted to create something that would promote curiosity, creative thinking, and self-discovery for an intuitive understanding of the sciences; something that would connect young scientists across the world; and ultimately, something that would change the educational process. JOURNYS (the Journal of Youths in Science), then "Falconium Science Journal," was born.

Four years and 200+ articles later, JOURNYS is a global movement, serving as a platform for young scientists, mathematicians, and engineers to share their findings for a broad peer audience. Research, reviews, op-eds, and DIY pieces are authored by students and published monthly. When an article is selected, it is reviewed by student editors, peer designers, and professional scientists, all of whom collaborate with the author before publishing. At JOURNYS, you don't have to be an old guy in a white suit to come up with the next ground-breaking invention or discovery. The future of research and technology is in the minds of today's young innovators and investigators, and that's why we we're here: we want to give you the resources and opportunities to make a difference.